Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lambz'R'us is Moving...

       After multiple online locations, Lambz'R'us officially found it's home here back in January of 2008. Since then, I
have branched off to create a special, private MC download blog, an online store, and collection page blog. in addition to the LambzRus website and social media outlets like, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube. There is already a Lambz'R'us Facebook page. But I have decided to create a group and to merge the blog and facebook page over to Facebook for good. 
       It will be easier for Lambs to access news and pictures, and to be able to be more interactive. I hope that you will join me on this festive new adventure and join the group and get your MC fix on a daily basis! 

                                             Thanks, Rob AKA LambzRus​

*Note: The other pages, like the download blog, store and collection pages will still be available. 

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